The stones

The stones selected for FUSYOM’s designs all are original and natural in colour, either faceted, to be as luminous as possible, or left raw.

To guarantee the best possible quality and traceability, FUSYOM uses only one stone supplier, who is also a lapidary (stone cutter) based in Annemasse, France.

To find out more see his website: e-gemmes-stones.

General information about the stones used: 

Today approximately 9 out of 10 stones are heated to modify their original colour to produce more salable tones.

Stones which are cut in their country of origin can often be larger but less luminous,  as they are sold by weight.

As a result FUSYOM only selects gems cut in France according to French standards in order to produce a stone as luminous as possible even if ultimately smaller.

The photo above is an example of a citrine, cut especially for FUSYOM and which has

been named after the brand due to its unique characteristics where one side has been

left « raw » whilst the other has been faceted

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